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10 Tools for Radical Self Love

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The Body is Not An Apology Founder & Radical Executive Officer, Sonya Renee Taylor spent years living with body shame and feeling completely disempowered. The tools in this webinar changed her life and started her own a RADICAL journey of self love, unapologetic living, and a commitment to creating a more love-filled, just, equitable and compassionate world! Join her as she shares her journey and the 10 tools that changed her life. They will change yours as well! Sonya has been seen, heard and read on TV One, NPR, PBS, CNN, Oxygen Network The New York Times, New York Magazine,,, Huffington Post, and many more. She has shared stages with Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harry Belafonte, Dr. Cornell West, Cecile Richards, Senator Wendy Davis, the late Amiri Baraka and numerous others. Sonya continues to perform, speak and facilitate radical self love work globally.

Can you re-imagine a relationship with your body and your life that is not adversarial? In thisĀ 2 hour webinar get powerful perspective shifting information and step by step tools you can use to dramatically shift your relationship with your body from enemy to gorgeous partner in creating your most unapologetic radical self love life!

Saturday the 16th

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