Leadership Circle

Sonya Renee Taylor (she/her), Founder and Radical Executive Officer

Sonya Renee Taylor is a world-renowned activist, award-winning artist, transformational thought leader, author of six books including The New York Times best-selling The Body Is Not an Apology, and founder of the international movement and digital media and education company of the same name whose work has reached millions of people by exploring the intersections of identity, healing, and social justice using a radical self-love framework. She continues to speak, teach, write, create, and transform lives globally.

Shannon Weber, Ph.D (she/her), Director of Education and Digital Outreach

Shannon Weber is a three-time book author, educator, freelance writer, and digital maven with a calling for social justice education. She brings her past experience as a gender studies professor to create educational content that speaks to folks beyond an academic setting. Shannon is passionate about connecting the dots between history and the present in order to grasp the roots of our modern social problems and agitate for structural transformation. She joined The Body Is Not An Apology in 2017 as a Content Writer and is proud to be part of the radical self-love revolution.

Brenda Barros Rivera (she/her),



Leadership Circle Alums

Samaa Abdurraqib, Content Writer

Cicely Blain, Content Writer

Gillian Brown, Content Writer

Natalio CasaNueva, Administrative Assistant

Alex Edwards, Social Media Admin

Gillian Giles, Content Writer

Jay-Marie Hill, Subscriptions Manager

Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda, Content Writer

Chelcee Johns, Assistant Editorial Manager

Aliya Khan, Social Media Admin

Tiffany Lee, Content Writer

Louisa Leontiades, Content Writer

Helena Likaj, Social Media Admin

Gabe Moses, Content Writer

Dawy Rkasnuam, Content Writer

Mary Robinson, Content Writer

Tess Verbaarschot, Digital Media Outreach Coordinator

Mai’a Williams, Assistant Editorial Manager