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The Body is Not An Apology Founder & Radical Executive Officer, Sonya Renee Taylor spent years living with body shame and feeling completely disempowered by a world that screamed her body was wrong at every corner. Radical Self Love changed her life and rocketed an entire movement of unapologetic living and a commitment to creating a more love-filled, just, equitable and compassionate world! Join her as she discusses her new book and answers your most pressing questions about the power and potential of radical self love!

Are you working to really learn to LIVE a Radical Self Love life? Are you wondering how Radical Self Love is a model not only for personal transformation but also as an answer to some of the world's biggest problems? Have you ever wanted to ask Sonya about where she buys her adorable dresses?  You can ask all this and so much more on our Deep Dive into Radical Self Love Q&A exclusively for TBINAA monthly subscribers. Join us and let's dive deep together!

Thursday, November 16th
At 6:00 PM EST

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