Radical Self Love Retreat

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19 – 23 March, 2020
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NZD 1500
Brookby, Auckland, New Zealand

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For 10 years I have been teaching people how to live unapologetically through the power of radical self-love. Whether they just finished the book or saw me at a live event, people inevitably say, “I feel so inspired and empowered by the possibility of RADICAL SELF LOVE, Sonya!” Encountering the work of radical self-love leaves folks feeling like they can take over the world! But a few days or weeks later, those same people tell me that life’s sheen has reverted back to the lackluster of self-doubt and soon the chorus of negative self-talk returns. They are back to wading through the thoughts of not-enoughness and defeat. Maybe this unfortunate scenario sounds familiar.

Two years ago, I took one of the boldest Radical Self LOVE steps of my life. I packed up all of my belongings, left everything I have ever known and moved to the bottom of the world: to New Zealand. It was a risk born out of my radical self-love practice. I was drowning in fake news, social media outrage and the trauma of living in a society whose business model is built on my self-loathing. I needed a dramatic shift focused exclusively on loving me! I found the time to use my own tools and truly explore what it meant to  spend my time in less DOING and more BEING! Today more than ever, I know that we need quiet, rest, and sacred unapologetic community to most powerfully manifest the full possibilities of living in radical self love.

But this work cannot be a one time injection. Radical Self Love is a life long integration of practice and community. I want to help you build both! Twice a year I will be opening my magical home in Brookby, New Zealand to host 8 select people per retreat who desire to work with me to build a life changing. transformational, radical self love practice that will alter the direction of their lives!

Life Lift Retreat Includes:

  • 4 Personal Chef Created Dinners
  • 5 Personal Chef Created Lunches
  • 4 Personal Chef Created Breakfasts
  • Daily RSL Life Lift Sessions facilitated by TBINAA Founder Sonya Renee Taylor
  • Semi-private sleeping accomodations
  • Ferry travel to Waiheke Island
  • Waiheke Day Execursion activities
  • All ground transportation
  • One individual 30 minute Life Lift coaching session w/ Sonya Renee Taylor
  • individual tarot reading
  • Life Lift Journal
  • TBINAA Tote Bag and t-shirt
  • For Fee On Site Services: Reiki, Massage, Somatic Sessions


RSL Life Lift retreat is open to 8 trans and cis women, femmes and non-binary/GNC folks of all ages, abilities, gender expressions, sizes etc per retreat.

Accesibility.  Blackwood Manor has one step to enter the main house and 2 steps to enter sleeping accomodations. Retreats will be scent reduced spaces and seating and bedding is size inclusive.

Please message me with further accessibility inquiries.

 All retreat sessions will be conducted in English.

*small hypoallergenic dog on property. If concerned please message to discuss.


Guests will join me at my magical home, Blackwood Manor, in Brookby New Zealand. Blackwood Manor is a timeless country estate set privately on 2 acres among gorgeous rose bushes, native New Zealand bush and stunning rimu trees.

The main house, dining and living room spaces open out onto the courtyard and in ground pool. The dreamy bedroom spaces include a large courtyard studio and self-contained flat, each with seperate full kitchens and bathrooms. All sleeping accommodations are semi-private. The magical mature grounds are simply stunning with landscaped gardens, meditation trail walks, and an impressive Rimu grove abundant with bird life.



Tentative Agenda

Morning- arrive in Auckland, New Zealand and be picked up by my Life Lift team.

(accomodations for early arrivals can be arranged at additional cost)

Afternoon– Lunch, Welcome Ceremony and Afternoon Tea, Tour of Blackwood Manor and grounds

Be officially welcomed to the land of Aotearoa and to my home, Blackwood Manor.

Evening– Welcome Dinner, early Jet Lag recuperation and bed time

Morning– Joyful Movement session (optional), breakfast

Mid-morning early afternoon– Session 1: Laying Radical Ground

Through ritual group work, meditation, laughter and song we will set intentions for our collective time and individual desires from the Life Lift.  This session will focus on reconnecting us to our inherent sense of interconnectedness and radical self love.

Early Afternoon– Rest, Lunch, Rest, Read, Walk, Swim, Think, Laugh

Mid to Late Afternoon– Session 2: Radical Root Work

Through small and collective group work, writing, meditation, laughter and land we will examine what currently exists at the root of our relationship to self and others, pulling up the weeds of our stories of shame and planting strong vibrant radical self love roots.

Early Evening– Rest/Relaxation, Dinner

Evening Session– Fresh Fire Ceremony (a healing and renewal fire ceremony)


Early Morning– Joyful Movement session (optional), breakfast

Mid Morning– Free Flow

Late Morning – Depart for Waiheke Island Day Trip

Afternoon/Early Evening– Waiheke Day Away

participate in Wine Tasting, Tour, Horseback Riding, Ziplining and Beach Possibilities on a beautiful island off an island!

Evening -Return to Blackwood Manor, Music, Fire,  Bed

Early Morning– Joyful Movement session (optional), breakfast

Mid-morning early afternoon– Session 3: Soaking the Soil

Together we will create a collective practice that embeds radical self love in our daily lives. Through group work, creative activation, laughter and song we will create a practice that saturates our existence with radical power.

Mid to Late Afternoon– Session 4: Spreading Seeds

Through small and collective group work, movement, laughter and land we will examine how radical self love operates in creating a just, equitable and compassionate world. We will explore practices that germinate justice in our every day lives.

Early Evening– Rest/Relaxation, Dinner

Evening Session– Together in the Dark (night time trust building activity)

Night– Music, Fire, Bed

Early Morning– Joyful Movement session (optional), breakfast

Mid-morning – Session 5: Radical Bloom

We have uprooted, deeply watered and spread the seeds of this radical self love work together and now we can see the blossoms of our radical work. We will close our time together with a collective visioning of how we care for the flowers we have grown and how we ensure that new buds sprout again and again in us and in radical community. We will end our time with a closing ceremony honoring what was sown, tilled, and harvested during our time.

Early Afternoon -Lunch, pack

Afternoon– airport drop offs, museum visit for interested guests before evening flights

Drop Off to Flights



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Take Radical Self Love journey from the page to the plane and join me for 5 transformative days in the gorgeous land of Aotearoa, New Zealand where we will Rest, Rejuvenate, and Reunite with our personal divinity.

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