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Event Date:
19 – 23 March, 2020
Ticket Price
$2,599 ( Get 40% Discount )
Brookby, Auckland, New Zealand

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For 10 years I have been teaching people how to live unapologetically through the power of radical self-love. Whether they just finished the book or saw me at a live event, people inevitably say, “I feel so inspired and empowered by the possibility of RADICAL SELF LOVE, Sonya!” Encountering the work of radical self-love leaves folks feeling like they can take over the world! But a few days or weeks later, those same people tell me that life’s sheen has reverted back to the lackluster of self-doubt and soon the chorus of negative self-talk returns. They are back to wading through the thoughts of not-enoughness and defeat. Maybe this unfortunate scenario sounds familiar.

Two years ago, I took one of the boldest Radical Self LOVE steps of my life. I packed up all of my belongings, left everything I have ever known and moved to the bottom of the world: to New Zealand. It was a risk born out of my radical self-love practice. I was drowning in fake news, social media outrage and the trauma of living in a society whose business model is built on my self-loathing. I needed a dramatic shift focused exclusively on loving me! I found the time to use my own tools and truly explore what it meant to  spend my time in less DOING and more BEING! Today more than ever, I know that we need quiet, rest, and sacred unapologetic community to most powerfully manifest the full possibilities of living in radical self love.

But this work cannot be a one time injection. Radical Self Love is a life long integration of practice and community. I want to help you build both! Twice a year I will be opening my magical home in Brookby, New Zealand to host 8 select people per retreat who desire to work with me to build a life changing. transformational, radical self love practice that will alter the direction of their lives!


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Take Radical Self Love journey from the page to the plane and join me for 5 transformative days in the gorgeous land of Aotearoa, New Zealand where we will Rest, Rejuvenate, and Reunite with our personal divinity.